Spandana Society also known as Spandana Rural and Urban Development Organisation (SRUDO) is the Non-profit arm of the leading Micro Finance Company – SpandanaSphoorty Financial Limited. The society is registered under the Societies Registrations Act, 1860 in October 1992 with non-profit motive and to carry no commercial activities.

The main objects of the Society are to :

  • Create general awareness among the youth of a village and prepare them to help the fellow villagers, women, children and the landless farmers at the time of need.
  • We make people understand the root cause of social evils, the concept of development and its relationship with the society. Making people self-efficient and confident.
  • Economic emancipation of the family, with particular attention to provision of adequate employment opportunities to women who are largely engaged at present in unpaid and under paid jobs, often characterized by physical drudgery;
  • To improve productivity and thereby uplift the income of rural people;
  • To achieve an appreciable rise in the standard of living of the poorest section of the population;
  • Education of children and adults.

Since its inception, Spandana has been involved in implementing various women friendly activities in the dry land region of Guntur district.  The main objective is women empowerment; it makes interventions by three basic means of achieving it.  They are gender sensitization, creating awareness and making women accessible to micro credit.  The ultimate objective of Spandana is to enable women to resist their exploitation at various levels: family, community and at the level of making and influencing decisions. We believe that empowerment of women cannot be achieved in isolation without sensitizing men about the issue. We are positive about the fact that knowledge gives women power and their economic independence will build confidence on their abilities.  Empowerment of women promotes better citizens, better families, purposeful communities and therefore a developed nation.We facilitate easy access to credit which increases women’s participation in income generation.